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Chief Tekkie Officer

August 2011 – August 2018

Remote and on EU customer premises

Running my own near-shore consultancy and software development company.

In 2018 Tekkie Consulting was 3rd place in the IT companies regional top, as indicated by the province’s Chamber of Commerce. Selection of projects executed and delivered in customer live environments can be found in a dedicate section below.

  • Large-scale application architecture consultant. Consultant on DevOps, Continuous Integration/Delivery & QA Automation topics.
  • Organiser of the national conference RomaniaPHP conference, 2 editions so far. Personally curated an exclusive blend of renowned international speakers, while each year recruited and promoted a local professional to the main stage.
  • Architect and implement various types of chatbots for UK-based customers.
  • Deliver team trainings and one-on-one coaching to customers’ software developers; topics included, but not limited to : agile, behaviour-driven development, continuous integration & continuous delivery, CLEAN code.
  • Help customer technical teams use sensible approaches to legacy codebases and scale the products both from a traffic point of view and from a technical team perspective.

TODO add link to public speaking engagements