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Infrastructure Software Architect, Digital Platform Group

September 2021 - present

Veldhoven, Netherlands

Design Engineer, Analytics & Visualization Group

June 2019 - September 2021

Veldhoven, Netherlands

  • Software Design Engineering: new analytics platform
    • Designed and implemented the CI/CD integration pipeline of the new analytics solution.
    • Close collaboration with architects at different levels, teams from other departments, etc.
    • Onboarded multiple teams to contribute to the product, with less than one FTE spending 2 days per PI per team.
    • Product releases. Acting as the last quality gate in the development team, before handing the solution to the testing department. Due to integration work, caugth architectural issues before releasing, which prevented them from showing to the customer.
    • Part of the design engineers team that kicked-off the new platform.
  • Guilds, teamwork, knowledge sharing
    • Organizer of the Build Guild Community of Practice inside BLApps
    • Active member of several other guilds: Frontend Guild, Java Competence, Backend Guild (all within BL Apps), Data Engineering Competence, Hadoop Competence. Had at least one presentation in each, including the company-wide Software Tech Evenings.
    • Teaching co-workers modern concepts like service-oriented architecture, microservices, REST APIs, JWT tokens, to support the transition to the new technology stack.

Software Engineer, Data Science Program

September 2018 – June 2019

Veldhoven, Netherlands

  • Part of a team of data science and functional experts from leveling, alignment, overlay domains.
  • Standardized the ETL pipeline by replacing custom made scripts and cronjobs with de-facto industry standard Airflow.
  • Fixed data instability by introducing cleanup procedures, performing automated ingestion, minimizing the space footprint.
  • Productise machine learning algorithms supplied by our data scientists, and exposed them as APIs for visualization purposes.
  • Added new visualization capabilities (splom, histogram contour) by using leading frontend plotting packages (ex: inside Spotfire.
  • Spent 1 week on customer premises.