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Principal Developer

Oct 2011 - Apr 2015

On US customer premises + Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Led the software development consultancy team that stabilised our customer’s airline website and made it the fastest travel website in the US. Zero downtime delivery of the new platform.

On peak traffic day (Black Friday) our solution was performing so well, that it crashed the payment provider Chase.

  • Kickstarted offshore software development team and grew it to over 35 software engineers. In total we scaled in 2 years from 2 FTEs to 50+ FTEs, including the DevOps team.
  • Prepared, advocated, and monitored implementation of the technical architecture of SOA layers, using a LAMP stack backbone architecture.
  • Mentored developer colleagues towards best practices like Behaviour Driven Design, Test Driven Design, Clean Code, continuous integration, and continuous delivery.
  • Designed and implemented data migration and massaging (ETL) processes.