O'Reilly Software Architecture New York - Conference Review

conference O'Reilly architecture

The 2017 spring edition of Software Architecture conference organised by O'Reilly Media took place in New York, and our CTO Georgiana Gligor had a talk there about Smart, Scalable Content Distribution

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Support React Native 0.40 iOS Headers

React Native npm

React Native 0.40 introduces a breaking change for iOS. Find out how to mitigate this in your current projects.

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Disable Gatekeeper to Allow Applications from Anywhere in macOS Sierra

OS X macOS

To install a macOS application from outside App store and identified developers, Gatekeeper changes are required.

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Architectural Corner: Introduction to CQRS

architecture CQRS

CQRS is an acronym for Command-Query Responsibility Segregation. It is an architectural pattern first discussed by Greg Young in 2010. It suggests splitting the responsibilities of reading and writing

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The Reactive Manifesto

elastic message-driven reactive resilient responsive

Check out the Reactive Manifesto for ideas on cleaner architectures. It will help you build better systems that cope with large traffic values and truly accomplish their goal.

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Using git checkout-index to init project from boilerplate repository

boilerplate bootstrap checkout-index git

As developers, we are always looking for inspiration in other people’s code. Either we learn something totally unfamiliar to us, or we are just in for a trick, but what makes us better developers is t

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Use Google Sheet as a free online database for prototyping

API database Google Google sheets prototype

Developer notes showing how to get started with Google Sheet as a free online database for prototyping

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Backup code with git archive

archive bundle git tools

<p>I am currently working on a Facebook application using nodejs and other frontend goodies. While that&#8217;s all sweet and interesting, localhost can be used to play around after applying certain tricks that <a href="http://www.tekkie.ro/resources/developing-a-facebook-application-set-up-local-environment/">I described a while back</a>. Some particular features (more specifically the share button) cannot be tested in a<br /> <code>localhost</code><br /> environment, so I need to place the cur

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