Georgiana Gligor

My name is Georgiana Gligor, and I am crafting professional software since 2003. I am a geek, a mother, and a do-er. I am in the software business because I want to make our lives better, simpler, more efficient.

I have touched every aspect in the life cycle of software development, from assessing and understanding the client needs, to documenting the functional requirements, assembling the team, preparing the technical specifications, selecting the tools, setting up the development environment, conducting code reviews, pair programming with both frontend and backend developers, mentoring junior team members, writing up documentation, ensuring a high quality of the software delivered, setting up and conducting performance tests, ensuring continuous delivery mechanisms present as part of the daily team routine, supplying installation instructions for production use, ensuring test coverage, and documentation.

I strongly believe that being able to wear several technical hats is what makes a great all-round developer and a reliable technical manager that can be trusted to deliver on time and at high standards of quality. I enjoy mostly life in the backend side of the process, where the meat and sauce is, because I believe that the more stable, scalable, and resilient the software is, the more value it can deliver to its end users. However, I value the frontend work just as much, as the ease of use is equally important to being able to get the job done. Usability is a key part of software development practices that I follow, and that translates to simpler, better products.

Since 2011 my consulting and development services are delivered using the Tekkie Consulting company.